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The Benefit of Lavender Heat Bags

Why use heat bags?

Wheat, lavender & lupins are natural vegetable products that have brilliant heat & cold absorption.

A heated cushion stimulates blood circulation, helps the healing process, is very soothing and can be used to relax you.

Cushions contour to fit everyone’s body shape and there is even a kids range. They are great for sporting injuries and soothing after a gym workout. The chambered cushions keep the wheat, lavender and lupin evenly distributed and are high quality, made with soft material for maximum comfort.

Elderly people or arthritis sufferers find heat bags very useful for temporary relief.  Heated cushions are safer than a hot water bottle and have many more uses. Heat cushions are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Grade 1 medical device.

What is the difference between wheat and lupin?

Both wheat and lupin are supremely effective in retaining heat in a manageable way.

Lupin seed is 30% lighter in weight than wheat & is allergy & odour free. Perfect for children or for sensitive areas like the eye for relief to migraine sufferers.

What is the benefit of lavender buds?

During the heat process the essential oil contained in the lavender buds is released into the cushion, thereby emitting the comforting fragrance of lavender, so useful for controlling emotional stress. Lavender essential oil is also released into the skin tissue and absorbed by the blood to sooth inflamed tissue. Over time, and depending on how often the cushion is heated, the lavender oil will diminish. When this happens 3-4 drops of McLaren Vale Lavender Essential Oil can be placed on the cushion before heating.

McLaren Vale Lavender Linen & Pillow Spray can also be lightly sprayed onto the fabric before heating.

General Instructions for Use

Do not overheat. 3-4 minutes in the microwave is enough.• If you want to heat cushion for longer, use 15 second increments on the microwave • Check heat before giving to the elderly & young • If the heat bag smells burnt, it has overheated & should be carefully removed from microwave to a safe surface to cool completely, before discarding. • Cushions can also be used as cold packs. Simply place cushion in zip lock bag in the freezer • You can place a container of water in with the cushion if you wish for maximum life; however it is not necessary. The cushion will last several years depending on usage. For example, if you heat the cushion several times a day, every day, it will last 6 about months. If it it used once per week it can last up to 7 years. • Do not wash or immerse the cushion in water. Use a damp sponge to lightly cleanse the outside of the bag • Store cushion in an airtight container or sealed bag after cooling

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