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Newsletter - January 2018

Greetings dear friends

I am a little late this month with our catch-up, with good reason though, as January is harvest time for lavender growers.  T and I harvested our ‘Miss Donnington’ lavender flowers just after Christmas and set the still up straight away before the heat came in.  The oil is just beautiful this year, good colour with a soft, fresh floral scent which will deepen over time.  Once the oil is distilled it is placed in litre sized, dark glass bottles and stored in a cool, dark cupboard to mature for one year before use.  Click here for more information.

I had a painful reminder over the holidays, of the use of lavender essential oil for the treatment of burns.  I received a nasty steam burn to my finger while straining vegetables.  I quickly dripped some lavender  oil onto the surface skin, lightly covered with a gauze bandage and the pain eased immediately.  I continued to place the drops on the affected area morning and night, and within a week it had healed.

This is an example of modern ‘aromatherapy’ in its purist form, resurrected by a French chemist named Gattefosse in 1880.  His family owned a perfumery business and one day, while working in the laboratory, Gatefosse badly burnt his hand.  For relief he plunged it into a vat of lavender essential oil next to his bench.  When the burn healed quickly he began his lifelong obsession – studying the therapeutic properties of plant oils.

This was a time before antibiotics, when herbal oils and lavender essential oil in particular was used extensively to treat infections and burns in the battlefields of WW1 and WW2.

Lavender harvest time conjures up a wonderful picture, especially for a young bride to be, waltzing down the rows of blue with her veil billowing in the gentle breeze…………….  Many years ago, we agreed to host a small wedding to appease a bride, to have the ‘wedding of her dreams.’  It turned into a complete fiasco.  Intense heat, fire sirens, ants crawling up the bride’s legs and young hooligans chasing through the garden beds with sticks before climbing onto the top of the water tank. T nearly had a fit and consequently we have steered well clear of brides and weddings ever since.

I mention this because I had a call from a frantic florist a couple of weeks ago.  “I have a bride who has just changed her wedding flowers to fresh lavender, have you got any for next Saturday?” “Unfortunately not” I relied, and referred her to another grower who could help her.  The florist was so grateful, and I didn’t hear back so hopefully our bride was happy with her fresh lavender themed wedding complete with floral bouquet.

Warm wishes to you for 2018 and always believe something wonderful is about to happen.


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