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Newsletter - October 2017

Greetings dear friends

With the clocks going forward, bud burst in the vineyards and warmth in the air – welcome to Spring.

My bedroom faces north and I always keep the curtains slightly ajar in order to see what sort of day it is when I wake up.  This morning the sun was shining through, and the huge Eucalyptus beyond the fence where I  can monitor the wind, was still, the only movement being the kookaburras, cockatoos and minor birds chasing each other around,  Today, is the day I start to breakfast outside I thought to myself.

Behind the curtains are French doors leading onto a deck area with a small table and chair, surrounded by my own personal section of garden.  It faces north and is a delight at any time, but especially now in Spring.  Up until now it’s been just a little on the chilly side in the mornings to eat outside, however today………..just perfect, and the start of the season where I can eat my cereal and check the emails surrounded by the sounds and fragrance of my little private garden.   There is always a vase of flowers on the table, and this morning, some natives, soft peach and lemon grevilleas with some tea tree.  Bird attracting, great cut flowers and easy to care for.  Just a good prune after flowering will keep them compact and flowering for years.                                                                                                     grevillea

Many years ago T and I took a trip to Italy and had the good fortune to stay in a delightful hotel in old Rome.  It was a stone building with big rooms, high ceilings and small courtyard gardens. However it was the breakfasts I remember most about my stay there.   Each morning we climbed the stairway to the rooftop terrace garden which was laid out with delicious foods, overseen by an inimitable Italian waiter with hot coffee and anything madam desired for breakfast.    Sitting there surrounded by flowering plants, overlooking the rooftops of Rome to the Vatican, we listened to the chiming of ancient bells and the distant buzz of the city readying for another day of summer tourists. I couldn’t believe my luck and silently thanked George, our travel agent for sending us to such a charming place.


We in Australia also do outdoor living quite well, but I think we could do a lot better.   Fortunately most new house designs incorporate an outdoor dining area, although they often look sterile and an extension of the house rather than a garden room, sheltered and beautiful that leads into the house.

With outdoor living in mind, and the inevitable mozzies and flies as uninvited guests, I developed an aromatherapy Insect Repellant.  Safe, pleasant and effective, it can also be used as a surface spray.  I’m pleased to say it won Best Product Award 2017, at our recent Australian Lavender Growers Conference. 

After many years of drought and sparse rains I’m pleased to say our spring lavenders are in full bloom and buzzing with bees.  Looks like we are set for a good season with lots of lavender flowers to distill into oil and plenty of honey and beeswax for the balms.   Hooray.

Enjoy the beautiful sunny days ahead dear friends, and next time you walk down the road and see a rose poking over the fence.  Take a moment to smell it and marvel at its beauty – yes go on, just do it.

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.


McLaren Vale Lavender Products – Winner Best Product  2014, 2017 

The Australian Lavender Growers Association