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Newsletter - September 2017

Greeting dear friends

Have you noticed a change in the air?  Did you take a moment last week and turn your face to the sun to take in the first warm rays of sunshine?  Spring is a tricky season.  The first official day of spring was calm, sunny and warm, I was able to potter around the garden without a jacket on.  Since then it’s been chilly and wet.  Not that I’m complaining, for the first time in many years all the tanks are full to overflowing.  I can’t remember the last time that happened, and the soil sure needs a good soaking.

 Down the road from our place is Pedler Creek.   An ancient rivulet that flows from the southern foothills then criss crosses the valleys of paddocks and vineyards before merging into the Onkaparinga River, and out to sea.  I know it so well, having seen it on my daily runs on the school bus, many years ago.  It was always exciting for us kids to watch the teacher navigate the bus across the narrow bridge, when the creek was flowing with winter rains. The water would flood across the road and when I think about it now, it must have been quite a dangerous exercise.  That was long before dams and run offs of recent times have robbed the creek of any life, leaving a dry, jagged ditch with just the occasional pool of winter water.   The little bridge is long gone and the narrow road, now a busy highway.

Well, to my joy, I was driving along the other day and the creek was in full flow again, lots of murky brown water trickling along, even lapping onto the surrounding paddock, complete with ducks wading to and fro.  I had to pull over and take a good look, I know it will be years before it happens again.

All this rain is almost worth the downside.  Plenty of robust, healthy weeds to contend with.  Keeping the pathways clear, and endless whipper snipping is the most physically demanding time on our property, and can’t be put off.  Keeping the grasses down is imperitive right now, before the brown snakes stir and start their prowl for a mate.   I started the first whipper snipping a few weeks ago concentrating on the flat area just outside the cottage, thinking I would get that looking nice before I tackled the rest.  Since then the rain and warmer temperatures have revived the grass and it needs doing again. Ah well.

 I have to get the last of the bon fires done too.  I’ve had 3 good burn ups this winter and just one more will clear all last year’s wood before the fire ban comes on.   The local Council have eased restrictions on burn ups now thank goodness, and I can now take advantage of a still day, as and when they arrive without having to apply for a permit.

 All this work, coupled with lifting heavy grandchildren, caused me to pull a muscle recently.   A painful reminder to tell you about Emulint products. Click here

I may be biased, but there is simply no better natural product around to aid the relief of muscle and joint pain.  Emulint comes in an oil and cream, is pleasant to use, and is made with South Australian Emu oil, juniper, eucalyptus, lavender & wintergreen essential oils.  These oils are anti-inflammatory, analgesic and most beneficial when used for the treatment of soft tissue injuries, arthritis, stiff and swollen joint.  Believe me, I know. 

 Spring is officially here, take care dear friends and enjoy the display nature is unfolding just for you.  Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.


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The Australian Lavender Growers Association