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Cold and Flu Pack

Cold and Flu Pack

Our Special Cold & Flu offer includes: -

  •  1 x 100g  tin of our Cold and Flu Chest Balm
  •  1 x Lavender and Wheat Healing Cushion
  •  1 x 275g Lavender Honey

Cold & Flu Balm

A gentle & pleasant, effective chest rub for the upper respiratory area.

An aid for relief of congestion, flu & cold symptoms.  Suitable for adults & children. 

Contains beeswax, almond, sunflower oils with essential oils of benzoin, eucalyptus, lavender & lemon myrtle.

This product does not contain chemicals, synthetics, colourings, perfumes or additives.

Lavender & Wheat Healing Bag

Long 47 x 12cm – sown in 3 sections for even distribution of heat

Weight  600gms

McLaren Vale Lavender Healing Bag contains 100% natural wheat and lavender, ready to be used for multiple therapeutic applications.  The essential oil of lavender is released when the bag is activated through heat, allowing the user to receive the benefits of Aromatherapy.  The heat bag emits a delightful fragrance to comfort, and assist in the relief of aches, pains, tension and stress.

McLaren Vale Lavender honey is pure, raw and untreated honey.

McLaren Vale Lavender honey is pure, raw, untreated honey, collected from bee habitats in our bushland garden and the conservation areas of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Coorong, South Australia.

In the beehive the nectar is converted to honey.  A miracle of nature.


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Container Stainless Steel Tin (Cold & Flue Balm), Clear Plastic Bottle/Lid (Lavender Honey)
Our price: AUD 49.00
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